Paradox Services, Incorporated: Services


Services Offered


Our Microsoft Certified expert staff has extensive experience in a broad range of systems design, development, and maintenance. The items below are only a partial list, but will give you some idea of the depth of our experience and abilities.

Server Support

  • Network file server installation and support, Windows NT/2000/2003 Server platforms, Linux platforms
  • User account management and file access security
  • Email Server installation and support, Microsoft Exchange, open-source POP/SMTP server installations
  • Data backup and recovery services, on-site and/or off-site archiving
  • Web Server support, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Linux/Apache
  • Network-shared printing

Network Infrastructure

  • Routers, switches, hubs, firewalls
  • T-1, Cable, DSL, Fixed-wireless modems/routers
  • DHCP server management, multi-user shared internet access

Desktop Support

  • Hardware repairs and upgrades of all kinds
  • Operating system upgrades, reinstallation, and service pack updates
  • Application maintenance and updates
  • User training - Microsoft Office, Spreadsheets, Databases, Graphics applications
  • Peripheral device support, printers, scanners, modems, network cards

Website Support

  • Domain name registrations
  • Website design
  • Email services and Website hosting

Database Services

  • Design and maintenance of custom single-user and multi-user/network databases.

Security Services

  • Local workstation and network-wide security configuration
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-porn internet filter management
  • Personal and Office-level firewall installation and configuration
  • System scans and removal of viruses, worms, and trojan-horses

Should you be facing a problem not mentioned here, give us a call - we've either dealt with that issue before and simply overlooked adding it to this list, or we would like the opportunity to meet your challenge. We offer tenacious problem-solving experts who will stop at nothing to resolve your issue. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.